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Soft Play & Games  See bottom of page for our popular Crazy Golf game!


Complete with lights and music box inside.

You can bluetooth from any device (Phone, ipad, etc.)

Complete with assorted play items (see image)

£120 per day

NEW - Princess Activity Centre

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A brilliant 2 player game where you reach in the arm slots to catch as many tickets/money as possible. Great for school fete's or fun days. Simply use as a raffle machine or a cash grabber.


NEW - Inflatable Cash Grabber

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Suitable for Under 5's

Consists of inflatable bouncy bed, slide, air jugglers, ball pool, rock and sensory blocks


Toddler Fantasy Zone

£100 Suitable for Under 5's

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Tug of War Rope

£15 per hire


An old favourite for fetes and all kinds of events.

Pit your team against theirs and prove who is the strongest.

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Giant Connect 4

£15 per hire


A giant version of the table top game. Requiring skill, strategy and a sharp eye.

As player aim to get 4 counters in a run whilst striving to stop your opponent. A classic game, which can be enjoyed by all ages

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Wooden Stocks

£30 per hire

Complete with bucket and sponges.

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Small Soft Play

£20 with any castle

Suitable for Under 5's

NB. We do not hire this item without an inflatable

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Giant Jenga

£15 per hire


The original hi-tower game of true skill and winning, which the whole family can enjoy.


To play you build a tower out of blocks and then players take it in turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the tower tumble.


Loser has to do a forfeit, which can be agreed between players at start of the game.

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Ball Pool

£10 (or £5 with soft play)

Suitable for Under 5's

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Large Soft Play and Ball Pool

£70 ONLY!

Suitable for Under 5's

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Buzz Wire

£30 ONLY!


A traditional game where contestants have to go from post to post without touching the wire and setting off the lights and alarm

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Our nine hole portable crazy golf course is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events and is ideal for fetes, schools, fun days, team building, parties, private, corporate events and lots more.


•  9 individual boards can be arranged to suit any venue indoors or out

•  Each board is covered with artificial grass to give realistic feel to play

•  Suitable for children and adults

•  Comes complete with scorecards, balls and clubs




Ensure that children using this equipment are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.


Ensure that no one stands on the Grass/Boards as this could cause damage to either the board or the Artificial Grass.


Ensure that any golf clubs/balls are put somewhere safe when equipment is not in used.


Ensure that there is no food or drink consumed near the individual holes which could damage the equipment.


Ensure the removable obstacles are not moved, from the position as this could cause damage, loss or injury. Ensure any adult or child acting irresponsible with a golf club is removed from play as this could result in an injury occurring.

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Hire for ONLY £100 per day


Hire your own PA System for £30!

The Party Boom Box is the perfect accessory for any party.

The Boom Box has a battery that lasts for over 12 hours, so you can use it inside or out without needing to be near a plug.

The system delivers quality audio output that can be heard from a range of over 150ft - 45.72m (that's the length of an average football pitch). It is perfect for small to medium sized venues and multiple Boom Boxes can be connected together for larger events.


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